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Why is our Pocket Porridge packaged in plastic?Updated 9 days ago

The topic of sustainability is very important to us as a company. You can read about what we are currently doing to improve our carbon footprint here.

Of course, the packaging of our products also plays a major role in this. Every year we visit various trade fairs on the subject of packaging/shipping, but it is still very difficult to find packaging that is both food-safe and completely plastic-free. Our Pocket Porridge packaging is made of 49% so-called "Green PE" (consisting mainly of sugar cane). Compared to conventional plastic, the Green PE packaging variant offers a significantly improved environmental balance and is the only one with a negative CO2 balance. When selecting our partners for this raw material, it was particularly important to us that we find a partner who grows sugar cane in an ecologically compatible way and that no existing ecosystems have to be cleared.

We are constantly keeping an eye on the topic of packaging. If you have any concrete ideas, we welcome any input that will help us make our packaging even more environmentally friendly.

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