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What does the Nutri-Score stand for at 3Bears?Updated 9 days ago

The Nutri-Score informs you about the nutritional value of our Oat Heroes so that you can compare them with similar products at a glance. The "food traffic light" evaluates the nutrients and ingredients of a product - such as calories, fat, fibre or fruit content - using a 5-level colour and letter scale from A to E: The dark green A indicates a beneficial composition, and the red E indicates a detrimental composition. We label our products voluntarily for you.     

You can find more information about the Nutri-Score here: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture  https://www.bmel.de/DE/themen/ernaehrung/lebensmittel-kennzeichnung/freiwillige-angaben-und-label/nutri-score/nutri-score_node.html

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