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Is 3Bears Porridge suitable for allergy sufferers?Updated 8 days ago

Our products do not contain any additives such as industrial sugar, sulphur or other preservatives. All ingredients are of plant origin (vegan) and only slightly processed (dried, cut) to allow as little external influence as possible. Regarding the detailed composition of our individual varieties, we recommend reading the nutritional values and ingredient list before consumption. You can also find the information at any time under the respective product in the "Ingredients and Nutrition" section. (3Bears products).

Our 3Bears Porridge is produced in a German production facility of our production partners, where other raw materials are also processed. Despite careful cleaning and hygiene measures, it cannot be 100% ruled out that the smallest traces of allergenic substances are transmitted through the air. To offer our users maximum transparency, we therefore indicate allergens as possible traces on the back of our packaging. If you are known to have a strong allergy to the smallest traces of the specified substances, we, unfortunately, cannot recommend 3Bears Porridge.     

Regarding gluten: Oat flakes do not naturally contain gluten. However, when the oats are grown and processed into oat flakes, they are mixed (cross-contamination) with other grains that contain gluten. The gluten content in oat flakes may not be high, but it is not zero either. There is always controversy about whether oats are allowed as part of a gluten-free diet and whether people with gluten intolerance should include gluten in small amounts in their diet. To be absolutely clear, we recommend consulting a doctor or nutritionist before.

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