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Is 3Bears Porridge certified organic?Updated 9 days ago

Our normal 3Bears products are currently not certified organic. When producing 3Bears Porridge, we place great importance on the highest quality and absolute naturalness of all ingredients. We never use industrial sugar (3Bears Porridge uses the natural sweetness of fruit), preservatives, colourings or other additives. Due to these high standards and very specific requirements, we do not currently want to further restrict the selection of our raw materials by only considering certified organic ingredients. For every ingredient in 3Bears Porridge, we check conventional and organic goods for quality, taste and origin and ultimately select our raw materials in this way.     

Would you like a 3Bears organic porridge? No problem, since 2021 we have had our WILD BOWLS and WILD KIDS product line. Our Wild Bowls and Wild Kids Porridge are certified organic.

For further information please click on "WILD BOWLS" or "WILD KIDS". Our tasty 3Bears oat drink is also part of our organic product line.

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