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How do I receive my free gift?Updated 6 days ago

For orders to Germany and Austria, we offer one free gift for a final purchase value (after deducting a discount code) of 50 € and two free gifts for orders of 70 € or more.

If you want to take advantage of this great offer, all you have to do is add products to your shopping cart and from an order value of €50 the first free gift will automatically appear in your shopping cart with a price of €0. If you add more products to your shopping cart until it reaches €70 or more, the second free gift will also appear in your shopping cart. 


1. If you go below the amount of €70 or €50 in subsequent steps due to the use of discount codes, the gifts will be removed from your shopping cart. We hope you understand!

2. If the gifts do NOT appear automatically in your shopping cart (despite the amounts of €50 or €70 being reached), this is most likely because you have already removed them from your shopping cart in the past. In this case, please use a different browser to place your order, as the gifts can only be delivered to you if they are displayed in your shopping cart.

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